A Squared is Hiring

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We look forward to welcoming a new Operations Coordinator to the team this spring. Interested?


We’re looking for an Operations Coordinator to join our small virtual and entrepreneurial team as we leverage our organizational nerdiness to make small businesses stronger.

Who is A Squared?

Who We Help

We partner with copywriters and other service providers who have reached capacity and are beginning to seek growth in their companies. Our clients are providing a valuable service to their customers, but they need structure in their businesses to streamline how they operate, and they’re not sure where to start.

Why We Help Them

We believe in the power of small business to be a force for good in communities. We also believe that great small businesses shouldn’t burn out their founders (though they often do). Our vision is to build breathing space into small businesses so their owners can focus on critical strategic tasks as they grow rather than being trapped in the weeds and unable to delegate effectively. Too many small business owners are constantly overwhelmed and experiencing death by a thousand paper cuts as the entire business rests on their shoulders.

How We Help Them

We’re good at bringing order out of chaos and helping our clients know that they’re not alone. We offer two services:

The O3 (Order Out Of) Program: In O3 we serve as the part-time COO of our clients’ businesses to help bring order out of their growth, vision, and big ideas. This means we help them solve problems, get things done, break a big vision down into steps, and keep track of everything.

Customer Experience Process Design: We proactively build customer experience processes that help companies both delight their customers and operate with nearly effortless efficiency. A streamlined customer experience is a great first step for businesses seeking to build the systems they’ll need to grow sustainably.

Our Values

Bringing Shalom to Our Clients

Shalom is a rich word that captures a sense of peace, wholeness, and welfare. We want to help our clients run their businesses effectively and grow, but it’s about much more than that. We want them to thrive. We want them to have breathing space again.

Cultivating Trust Within the Team

Almost everyone has been in an environment characterized by mistrust. It’s soul-sucking, and we want A Squared to be a place where our entire team thrives together. People come first.

Getting Things Done

We turn vague goals into strategies. Then we transform strategies into action steps. Finally, we have a great time checking off every action step on the list. We’re implementers. We get things done.

What Is the Job Like?


We’re a small company, so you’ll get to wear a few different hats as part of your role. You will be involved in all of the areas below:

Client Support

  • Onboard new clients
  • Provide direct operational support to our clients and help solve their challenges
  • Help design and implement project plans and new operational processes
  • Communicate directly with clients through weekly calls and emails

Marketing and sales

  • Write and post blogs
  • Manage our social media presence (LinkedIn and Instagram)
  • Help find speaking / guest podcasting opportunities
  • Assist with direct outreach to potential new clients
  • Help with planning and managing new marketing initiatives


  • Complete our monthly invoicing process
  • Make updates to our website
  • Manage our referral program


  • Improve processes within A Squared


A successful candidate will have all of the traits below:

You are rock solid reliable

  • You know it’s no one else’s job to remind you to do your job. You have systems in place to make sure you keep track of everything, and you do what you promise to do when you promise to do it.
  • You do what it takes to focus, show up, and get the work done.

You are resourceful and proactive when it comes to solving problems

  • Rather than asking, “how can I help you?” you know how to say, “here’s how I can help you….”
  • If someone comes to you with a vague need or a problem, you know how to find the request behind the request and eliminate that pain point. You see the process all the way through.

You are process minded

  • You’re comfortable mapping out step-by-step operational processes, and you don’t miss the details.

You communicate incredibly well over the phone and in writing

  • You know how to create a professional, clear, and concise email, and how to create and follow a clear agenda for phone calls.

You have experience managing different operational processes within a business

  • You can tell me about a time when you built a process from scratch in a business, not because anyone told you to, but because you knew it was needed.

You care about people

  • Our clients are amazing human beings. We have a lot of respect for them and run our business with them in mind. We want you to like them too.

The Logistics

This is a part-time, fully virtual position. You’ll be working around 10-15 hours per week to start, with room to grow as we grow.

You will need a reliable internet connection that can handle video calls, and a quiet, private environment for scheduled client calls.

Ideally, you live in the Denver metro area so we can meet in person periodically and you can help with events, but this isn’t required.

You will need to be available for at least two hours of every day between 9 am and 5 pm MST. These hours can be flexible, but I will need to know what they are in advance so I can plan calls accordingly.

We will pay between $15 and $20 / hour depending on your level of experience.

How to Apply

Please submit your resume and cover letter to ashlee@asquaredonline.com. Please title your email “Operations Coordinator Application – [Your Last Name].” In your cover letter, let us know what specifically interests you about our company, and confirm with us that a part-time virtual position will work for you.

The hiring process will include a video interview and test project, so be prepared for that if you move into the final rounds of the process.