The Day I Had To Go Backwards

by | Feb 25, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Confidence doesn’t come naturally to me.

I’ve spent years fighting for it.

It’s been a hard road to get where I am. I press into the discomfort to express confidence in my ideas and abilities and to take up my space in the world. Nothing has helped me learn that faster than being an entrepreneur.

A few months ago, I was at a training that included a short improv exercise. Every time the bell rang, we had to switch between expressing confidence, openness, and excitement in an idea to saying the same thing with uncertainty, fear, and withdrawal.

The point was to help us understand the shift in energy and response between the two, even though our message was the same.

But it ruined my day. Every time they made me act out uncertainty and that shrinking, invisible feeling, I felt like they were making me unravel years of hard work.

Ultimately, though, I am so grateful – I hadn’t realized how far I’d come until they made me go backwards for a few moments.

Maybe we all need to do this from time to time. Take a moment to think about where you were in your life and business when you first started out. Everything you didn’t know. All the mistakes you were making.

Now think about where you are now. What you know. What’s working. What you’ve built. Of course there’s always more to do. But take a moment to be grateful for how hard you’ve fought to be here.

You’ve probably made more progress than you realized.