Your Business Needs a Floor Plan

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Imagine for a minute that you’ve been stranded on a remote island and need to build some shelter for yourself.

You have two options.

Option One: Plow into the center of the island and come back with as much stuff as you can carry. Just start stacking things until you see some shade forming. Sit in the shade.

Option Two: Pause for a second and think about what structure will give you the best protection based on what’s available. You carefully gather some branches to set up a simple structure and cover it with palm fronds.

Option two takes more time and is more frustrating. Stopping to think when you’ve just been stranded on an island isn’t fun.

But we all know that a well-planned structure will last longer, keep you out of the rain, and stay in place when the wind picks up.

Building a great structure into your business is just like this – it’s probably not going to be your favorite activity, and you’ll have to make some decisions about how things will happen in your business, but it will become the bones of your company.

And just like a good house, everything becomes much easier to handle when you’re building around a really solid structure and floor plan.

How does this work? I’d recommend that you start really small.

Pick one thing you do often. Think about how you might be able to set up a tool, an automation, or a template to take out some of the friction around that thing.Implement. Let’s say this saves you ten minutes a day. Take those ten minutes and pick another thing.

Let’s take an example from my business. I realized that I absolutely hated tracking mileage for business meetings. I rarely remembered to write it down, and I didn’t do it enough to justify having an app on my phone to track my every move.

So, I created a simple Google form to capture the date, mileage, and occasion. Every week, I look at last week’s calendar, throw in the details for my meetings, and hit submit. It takes me five minutes max and will allow me to deduct nearly $800 extra on my taxes this year.

Where can you step back, add a little structure, and make your life easier?