Mike Michalowicz Shows Us How It’s Done

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A piece of junk mail arrived a few months ago, and I opened it (not sure why, to be honest – must have been bored?). It was a “copy” of an email from the CEO of a chain of auto dealerships to the general manager of a nearby store asking him to reach out to us about buying our Mazda. Do CEOs of auto conglomerates email their managers about buying specific used cars from specific people? Hardly. It annoyed me that they faked something like that, and I threw it straight in the trash.

Later, I ordered a used paperback copy of “Profit First” through an Amazon seller on the recommendation of multiple entrepreneurs. A few days later, I received a new hardcover copy of the book along with a letter from its author, Mike Michalowicz, thanking me for using his favorite seller and offering this free upgrade as an expression of his gratitude.

My husband and I debated for quite some time about whether the letter was real or not. The signature looked real, but c’mon, who does that?

Turns out, it was real. I asked him myself. Mike does that.

Later on, I got my dad on the Michalowicz train. He read Clockwork (Mike’s newest book) in a single day and then signed up for his email newsletter.

A few days later, my dad got a short video from Mike thanking him for subscribing. Specifically. By name.

Who does that?

Every time I think about my marketing strategy for 2019, I think about Mike. I’ve met him personally, and he is as people-focused and genuine in real life as he seemed to be through my previous interactions with him.

How can I be more like that in my own interactions with people online?

I think we can get so bogged down in goals and tactics and editorial calendars that we forget the point – our goal is to connect with our audience. There are real people on the other side of the screen. How can we truly see them and help them engage with us in a different and authentic way? How can we help them know we care?

If a best-selling author can do it, then I hope we can too.