“I don’t understand why you won’t let yourself succeed.”

by | Apr 25, 2019 | Entrepreneurship | 0 comments


“I don’t understand why you won’t let yourself succeed” is not a sentence you necessarily want to hear from your mentor.

Pat had been helping me think bigger for months. Through her and other mentors, I had stopped thinking of myself as an assistant and realized I could build something bigger. I was starting to get excited about what A Squared could be.

But something was still holding me back and making me play small.

Probably some fear and self-doubt. And unrealistic expectations I had placed on myself. But was that enough to make me so deeply stuck?

I didn’t have an answer for her. I still don’t, really.

But I do know one thing. I respect my mentors and know they have done amazing things. They see me more clearly than I see myself. And Pat stopped me in my tracks that day.

It ultimately doesn’t matter as much why I make myself smaller. What matters more is that I’ve decided not to do that anymore. I’m going to take up my space in the world and lean into my own unique way of doing this entrepreneurship thing. I’m going to let myself succeed or fail as I fight for what I truly want my company to become.

And I hope you’ll do the same.