On Babies and Entrepreneurship

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

It’s Ashlee again.

As I write this, my five-pound unborn kid is at the top of my mind. She’s always there, really – and she doesn’t have to kick me for me to be thinking about her. I know that when she’s born, I’ll be like this even more.

And I wonder what that means for my “first baby” – my business. I have poured my heart into A Squared for the past year and a half… partially to give myself and my family the flexibility I wanted for our growing family, but also because I love what I do. My clients bring joy into my life, and it makes my day when they tell me that I’m helping them.

My first inclination is to fear that this little person and my business might be at odds – that what one needs will take away from my ability to provide for the other.

But I’m beginning to see that the opposite might be true.

I was comfortable as a doer – handling everything as a solopreneur with part-time support from my amazing teammate Carrie.

But knowing that I would need to step away from the business for a while to have this baby forced me to start the process of learning to lead.

Now we have two new team members – Jennifer and Maureen – who have jumped right into the deep end with me and started to take care of my clients. Their presence and expertise and ideas will do far more for A Squared than just cover a few weeks of my absence.

They will help propel us to the next level. A Squared can create far more value even now than what I could have done on my own.

It’s a step I would have procrastinated for much longer if I had the choice.

It’s one of the biggest blessings of entrepreneurship – we get the opportunity to choose the life we want and design our businesses accordingly. The life I want is for my business and my family to complement each other and make each other stronger.

The learning curve seems like it might always be steep, but I can’t imagine it any other way.

How can you design your business to give you the life you really want?