A [Narrative] Ode to Ashlee

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My name is Carrie and since Ashlee is out on maternity leave, I’ve decided to write this week’s blog. Enjoy!

I was a teacher in my 20s and early 30s. I had always wanted to teach since I was in the first grade and loved the idea of it all. But, motherhood called and I left the profession to be a stay at home mom. I dabbled in a few side hustles throughout my time at home for fun, and, while I wasn’t actually looking for something else to fill my time, a friend contacted me about this girl she knew in grad school.

Enter Ashlee with A Squared who needed help with her new, but quickly growing, business. She had a lot of great ideas masked behind business jargon of which I could only decipher bits and pieces. During our initial conversation, I listed all of the reasons I didn’t think I was a good fit because, well, given I felt like she was speaking a foreign, more educated and complex language, my background was in teaching and I knew nothing about business. Onboarding and offboarding were more like boating terms to me, not business terms. But then Ashlee said some magic words to me, “I think you would be PERFECT!”

Carrie, meet Ashlee, your most ideal boss and friend. Like you, she is an optimist. She is also endearing, a strong believer in the power of positive reinforcement, and she is a helper. She lives to make other people feel at peace in this ever so hectic, go get ‘em world. She, too, is a go-getter, but remains calm and grounded along the way. She operates from her rooted faith and the comforts of her home. She is going places and you’d better jump in now while she is willing to take on such a green bean like you.

Ashlee and I have been working together for over a year now and I couldn’t be more excited to be along for this ride. During our time together, we’ve strategized regarding our roles and the goals of the company. We’ve pulled each other out of our personal and professional funks. We’ve laughed at each others’ mistakes. We’ve celebrated with our clients as their businesses flourish. And now we have two more amazing women on board to share the fun. I just couldn’t imagine a more comfortable fit at this point in my life. And truthfully, while I still feel like a fish out of water at times, I just get on the phone with Ashlee and she makes it all comfortable again. And if “comfortable” is an odd word to describe a job you love, you haven’t worked with Ashlee.