One Decision Can Kill Hundreds More

by | Jul 19, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

As an entrepreneur, you’re making dozens of decisions every day – everything from huge strategic choices to deciding what to do with every email in your inbox.

If you find yourself making decisions about how to deliver your service to each individual client too, you might run out of steam before you even get to the big decisions.

There’s another way – decide once.

Decide how much to charge.

Decide what to say to make a new client feel welcome.

Decide how to deliver each step of your offer.

Decide how to answer common questions.

When you design your customer’s experience one time, then lock it in, you’re done! You can always refine things as you go, but you can make your life so much easier by committing to consistency in how you run your business.

As a service provider, there might be things you want to customize, but they should only be the elements that provide a ton of value by being unique.

I’d love to know – what is one piece of your business that you can lock into place to save your energy for the big stuff?