Does Your Cereal Have Your Name On It?

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Entrepreneurship, Systems | 0 comments


When you buy a box of cereal, how customized do you need it to be?

Sure, it’d be cool to have a box with your name printed on it, made just for you.

But would it make it taste any better? Would it be worth the time you’d have to wait to get it, or the extra money you’d have to spend?

Probably not.

On the flip side, you might decide to pay a bit more for monogrammed towels for a friend’s wedding.

With products, it’s easy to see where customizing a product is worth it – and where it’s not.

But how about with your service?

Are you taking a lot of time to make something custom that is adding more work to your plate without adding real value to your customers?

I know this is a little abstract, so here are some tangible examples from my own business:

– My program structure and price is the same for every new client, saving me the hours I used to spend on custom proposals and invoices while simultaneously giving the client a clear idea of what to expect. I also have resources and templates that I can share with anyone who might find them valuable.

– That time is freed up to focus on the pieces of custom work that make the biggest difference, like personalized accountability and customized processes.

I’d love to hear from you – what is something you’re customizing now that you could start delivering consistently going forward?

Until next week,