What Does Baklava Have to Do With It?

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*Jennifer Dale is our author today!

We had to say good-bye to a member of our team recently. Carrie is moving on to another role and season of life. We are excited for her new adventures and a little jealous of the students who will benefit from her kind, caring ways.

Carrie is a great example of focusing on the little things to make a big difference. One of her strengths is that she has a genuine interest in people and it is evident to anyone who interacts with her. Because we have a remote team and have never met in person, it can be a challenge to create unity. So our team does quarterly video ‘hangouts’ to get to know each other, have water cooler chat, and bond as a team. Carrie volunteered to provide a treat for one of these virtual meetings.

When I received my box in the mail from Carrie for our first meeting, it was amazing. I could tell she had thought through every detail from the contents to the packaging. She baked baklava, which itself was impressive…and delicious, I might add! So I knew there was effort involved on her part. But she didn’t stop there. She also included some tea to drink with the baklava. I’m still thinking about how great that tea tasted. And, to top it all off, she added a personal, handwritten note on a sparkly note card sharing how much she enjoyed working with me. That sweet note meant a lot to me. Through her efforts, I knew that she truly cared about me and our other team members.

From this experience, I learned what a great impact service can have in not only our personal lives, but in business as well. Personal touches can make a huge difference! Investing a little time and sometimes money to show you care can reap great dividends, whether it’s increasing team unity, creating repeat business, or getting more referrals.

Relationships are key in business. Taking time to foster those relationships can yield great results. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t invest the time to do it. They may not even stop to think about their customer experience, which eventually will become apparent to the customer. So my challenge is for everyone to be more like Carrie. Take the time, make the effort, help someone feel important or cared about. You’ll feel great doing it, which is in itself a reward. And those around you will react in positive ways, which can produce a myriad of benefits.

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