Why is There a Dragon in Your Living Room?

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Entrepreneurship | 0 comments


The first thing I bought for my business was a white board.

It wasn’t expensive or imposing, but it made me feel official.

My business was so cute and tiny – I hadn’t made any messes yet, I hadn’t failed yet, and I had a small group of happy clients.

It was kind of like a baby dragon, freshly hatched. It couldn’t do a whole lot, but it couldn’t burn down my house either. I could let it wander the house at will.

But then it started to grow.

Things got more complicated.

Scorch marks appeared on the wall.

Carefully arranged piles ended up on the floor, and tables were tipped over by an over-eager tail.

As the dragon grew, it became more powerful, and I began to dream of bigger things. I imagined soaring through the air and appreciating all the freedom this dragon could provide.

But I also realized that if I didn’t train my dragon, very bad things could happen. I needed all of its force and power to be directed at the right things.

So, I got processes for my dragon.

Now, the dragon knows where to focus its energy and how it’s expected to behave, especially in front of clients. I can channel its power in a single direction because I know exactly where I’m going.

And we’re having a great time!

How about you? Do you feel like that dragon business in your house is a well-trained powerhouse, or are you putting out fires every day?