How to Create an Amazing Customer Experience

by | Sep 23, 2019 | Client Experience, Leadership | 0 comments


Today, we’re going to do things a little differently! Here we go with three blurbs on one theme: giving your customers an amazing experience.

One – it’s the most important part of your business

I’ll defer to the experts on this one. Seth Godin’s blog yesterday is all about why the customer experience matters – you can read it here in less than a minute.

If you don’t feel like reading it, here’s the gist: almost anyone can make a product, but building trust with your customer is where the greatest value lies. It’s also the hardest part.

Two – it looks like treating your customers like humans – humans you care about

I thought about my own favorite experiences with companies and also asked a few people to share theirs. Here are a few stories with one common theme: we’re all people together and just want the companies we work with to care.

  • My dad, who’s been an entrepreneur for years, signed up for Mike Michalowicz’s email list. Mike is a best-selling author who most likely has a MASSIVE email list. He sent my dad a 20-second welcome video where he thanked him by name.
  • I ordered Mike’s newest book used from an Amazon seller. What arrived instead was a new hard-copy instead, with a signed letter from Mike thanking me for buying the book from that seller. I asked him about it later when I got the chance to meet him in person because I thought it might be fake – it was real. (There’s a reason I love this guy)
  • A friend of mine – Anne – lost her dog, Molly, last summer. She had a few unopened bags of prescription food from, so she called about returning it. The customer service rep told Anne they would refund her money but asked that she donate the food to a local shelter instead of shipping it back. The rep also asked why Anne was returning the food and expressed her sympathies when she learned that Molly had passed away. A few days later, Anne received a beautiful bouquet of flowers. When she opened the card, it was a lovely note from the family expressing their condolences. Most people don’t take pet loss seriously, but Chewy knows how meaningful it is when someone does.

Three – what is one thing you can do today?

One straightforward thing that can make a huge difference is this: communicate!

Not only does it help you look incredibly professional, but it will put your customers at ease, prepare them for what’s next, and help them know you’re thinking of them.

Welcome emails, weekly status updates, or birthday messages all fit the bill. What’s one thing you can add to your process to keep your customers up to speed and help them feel seen?

“During our first phone call, I lead the discussion through a series of questions, which keeps us on track, and assures my clients that I have ideas for them and am comfortable leading the process.” ~Anna Bradshaw, Anna Bradshaw Copywriting