25 Things I Learned at Copy Chief Live

by | Nov 6, 2019 | Entrepreneurship, Leadership | 0 comments


I just came back from a three-day conference in Florida called Copy Chief Live.

“Incredible” is an understatement.

The conference is a gathering of several hundred marketing professionals, and we got the opportunity to talk shop and hear from superstars in online business – Laura Belgray, James Schramko, Jonny Vance, Todd Herman, Dean Jackson, Abbey Woodcock, Roy Peter Clark.. The list goes on. I hadn’t even heard of several of them before, but they’ll be forever on my radar now.

AND I got to meet and hang out with my clients, all of whom I’d worked with for months but never met in person.

AND I got the chance to share the stage with Kevin Rogers (the genius behind it all) and April Dykman to talk about what it looks like to hire and work with a great VA.

The love, belonging, and mutual care demonstrated at this conference was powerful. Everyone is rising together and helping each other do it…no competition, no in-groups, just momentum and abundance.

Here are my biggest takeaways – I hope you can find them as helpful as I have:

1. The best work and most incredible success is personal

2. Be prolific – 50% of your ideas will be below average, so make a lot of them

3. Ask questions strategically – introduce and credentialize yourself before you ask

4. Channel an alter ego to show up in the world in the right way

5. Get into rooms where you’re the dumbest person there

6. Big things start quick and dirty

7. Don’t hide from people like you who would benefit from hearing from you

8. Don’t just market to people who want to buy right this instant. Also nurture those who might not be ready now, but could be later

9. Create and solve good problems for yourself (i.e. growing pains)

10. A book is the best way to get in front of your dream clients

11. Involve others in the creation of a book for the best long-term impact

12. Cultivating an audience takes time

13. Comedy is a way to give value to your audience and make the boring, interesting

14. You can learn to be funny – if you’re willing to fail often and keep trying

15. Put powerful words right before the end of a sentence or a paragraph

16. Always be new at something

17. Write your list of excuses, then destroy it

18. Do things that will pay off more than once

19. With great responsibility comes great power

20. Book yourself in as your own client – do your best work for your own business too

21. Celebrate the difficulty – your business is most defensible when it’s past the point where most people quit

22. Teach as you learn

23. Learn as you need something – “just in time” rather than “just in case”

24. Should a show you hate stop existing just because it’s not for you? Of course not – and your business won’t be for everyone either

25. People are looking for you to share and lead – they want you to be a star

Tell me – which one is your favorite?

Until next week,