2019 Blooper Reel

by | Jan 8, 2020 | Entrepreneurship | 0 comments

Hey everyone,

So, to put a little bow on 2019, I thought I’d share three bloopers from the hundreds of hours we spent on video last year.

When you bet the farm on your newborn being quiet for 20 minutes straight

I started work five weeks after Averee was born. It worked pretty well because she slept 19 hours a day and was usually content to just chill out on her boppee next to me while she was awake. One day, I was recording a how-to video for one of my clients and Averee was asleep next to me. It was a 20-minute video, and at minute 19 I noticed that she was starting to stretch and wake up. I tried to wrap up the video quickly, but I didn’t make it in time – right at the very end, she filled her diaper so loudly that the microphone caught everything. I could have trimmed it off and just had an abrupt ending to the video, but it made me laugh so much that I sent it exactly as it was, along with this meme:


When you think it’ll be cute to feature your baby in the video

My baby is cuter than me. This is a fact. So, sometimes I have her join me when I’m doing Loom videos to add a fun element to them. This is usually fine….except when I decided to do a sequence of six 10-minute videos in a row last month for my clients. Averee joined me for one of them and was in an awesome mood. When she suddenly spit up all over me, I decided to just clean up and keep going.

The case of the two Ashlee Berghoffs

Jen and I share a Zoom account. There’s no real reason not to, but it means that when we both sign on, my name is at the bottom of both of our video screens. For months, we had to start off sales calls by explaining which of us was actually Ashlee Berghoff and which one wasn’t. Then we figured out she could rename her screen, and our lives were transformed.

The salsa incident

For the first portion of the year, my husband Andy and I lived in a one-bedroom apartment. My “office” was right in the living room, and I was working a lot of extra hours trying to prepare for maternity leave, meaning my husband was often home from work and trying to unwind while I was typing away – and recording Loom videos. One night, he thought he could quietly eat chips and salsa in the background while I was recording. When we played it back, the microphone had somehow amplified the crunching to make it sound like he was right next to me. Per my usual habit, I sent the video along with an apology meme:


We had some real, hard, frustrating fails too, but also some real successes. I’m excited about 2020 – so excited, in fact, that I’ve started to think I should take it down a notch in the name of realism or whatever. But I won’t.

No more playing it safe. If I fall, I’ll fall hard, but I know I’ll survive enough to tell you about it.

Here’s what we have planned:

– Launching three new programs and polishing them until they’re jussst right:

– Helping you manage your time and master project management for your business

– Introducing you to practical ways to set up your VA for success through an online course – we’re giving all the profits away for this one, so that will be really fun too

– Working with you to find, hire, onboard, and train a VA who can be the perfect fit for you long-term

– Hiring another full-time (or mostly full-time) team member

– Writing a book about making the transition from scrappy freelancer to bona fide business; I want to spend an entire year building towards this

– Getting much more visible. It’s time for me to come out from hiding and show up in photos and video and speaking engagements. Not gonna lie, having Averee to join me for some of this will make it way less scary. She’s way cuter than me and loves seeing herself on video.

Stay tuned for more, but if any of that catches your eye, let me know and I’ll give you a sneak preview!

Let’s do this thing.

Until next week,