It’s Time to Suit Up and Get Lean

by | Apr 29, 2020 | Strategy, Systems, Time Management | 0 comments


Back in 2017, I was in over my head with responsibilities and big weighty priorities.

I had a full time job.

I was planning a wedding in six months.

And I was in the middle of the hardest year of my grad program.

It was all great stuff, but I was so far beyond capacity it wasn’t even funny.

It was a rough season, but I am so grateful for it.

It made me LEAN.

I got good at saying no, making decisions much more quickly than I normally would, and cutting out the things that weren’t necessary.

I never thought those skills would come in handy during a pandemic.

But I’m so grateful for them now. I can tap into that side of myself, buckle down, and push as hard as I can to keep my business strong.

If you’ve been thinking about building in some efficiency or maximizing how you spend your time, now is the time.

You need the right strategies and tactics, no doubt.

But even more than that, it’s time to become an implementation machine. Focused. Clear. Moving in a single direction.

Mike Michalowicz is one of my favorite entrepreneurs for several reasons…one of them is that he’s genuine, authentic, and whip smart. He’s put together a free site packed with resources for small businesses trying to figure out the best way to navigate this environment.

If you are ready to find that focus and clarity, this is a great first step. Check it out at

And by free, I mean he won’t even ask for your email address to give you access to these tools. They’re right there on the page.

I’ve been diving into all these tools, so if you want to just talk through any of them, feel free to reach out anytime.

Let’s keep fighting and getting stronger. I believe in us.