Time well spent looks like this

by | May 13, 2020 | Entrepreneurship, Planning, Strategy, Time Management | 0 comments


A few months ago (pre-corona), my daughter Averee woke up with a brutal cold and mild fever. She was miserable all day.

I picked out my softest hoodie and stayed in my sweatpants. I didn’t shower until my husband came home from work and could be with her.

When I went to bed, there were no fewer than 20 toys strewn all over the floor, along with a variety of tissues and empty bottles (the kind that hold milk, not beer, I promise).

I moved a lot of to-dos to future days. Had my calls on audio instead of video.

And I’m super proud of how I managed my time that day.

I was tempted to rail on myself for still looking like a mess at 5 pm. But then it hit me:

Amazing time management doesn’t always look like “productivity.”

It doesn’t always look like you have anything together.

Amazing time management is deciding to focus on the important things, consciously choosing to let some other things slide, and refusing to beat yourself up about it.

It looks like owning your values and your priorities – allocating your one wild life towards what you care about.

And for me, on that day, being fully present for my sniffling daughter mattered more than anything else.

What external ideas of “organization” and “productivity” can you set aside so you can focus on the things you actually want?