What happens when you’re a mile wide and an inch deep

by | Jun 24, 2020 | Planning, Strategy, Time Management | 0 comments

To say my last corporate job was fast-paced would be an understatement.

My manager was unstoppable. She was incredible at what she did, and I learned so much from working with her.

We got things done, and we did them right.

But looking back, I can see a few ways I could’ve managed my time better.

And I don’t mean I was lazy – I worked HARD.

But every morning, I opened my to-do list and stared at 75 tasks, all marked with a due date of today.

Spoiler alert – I never once made it through the list.

For every task I’d complete, a new one would be added.

I felt like every day, I was just lining up a long row of beans in front of me and then sliding each one forward one inch.

I never had big chunks of time to move a single big project forward and complete it.

When I started my business, I had a lot of the same habits, and my huge to-do list always hung over my head as a constant reminder that I could never possibly keep up.

It felt like I was standing still.

Over time, I started to find some tools that worked for me:

  1. Using
  2. Planning in six-week cycles – picking no more than 10 projects to focus on and actively setting aside anything that isn’t on that list
  3. Mapping out my week in advance so I have a much smaller to-do list that actually matches my capacity

I am making progress faster, and just as importantly, I can feel the momentum. I’m building trust in my own ability to implement and hit my targets.

It turns out that I’m better at hitting targets that are clear and human sized. And so are you.

No amount of efficiency will help us knock out a to-do list of 75 things in one day.

But three high priority tasks that will actually move the needle? That’s another story.

Tell me – how can you narrow your own focus so you can make the progress you’re hoping for?