What’s the ONE thing that deserves your best work?

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Here’s the truth – most business owners are trying to solve a million challenges at once, and it’s hard to tell which one is the most important.

When it’s on your plate to get more clients, take care of the ones you have, figure out how much money you have, develop new offers, pay your bills, answer emails, and on and on and on and on…

How in the world are you supposed to focus?

How can you sit down in the morning with an achievable list of high-priority projects clearly defined in front of you?

It’s possible – I promise. I know because it’s how I run my business.

One tool that’s been incredibly helpful for me is Fix This Next – a framework created to help you immediately pinpoint your business’ core vital need – the ONE thing you can do to move your business forward quickly.

If you just want to spend 5 minutes and find out what the core vital need is for YOUR business, you should take

Just answer a series of yes or no questions, and you’ll find out immediately what single area of your business deserves your focus and your best work.

Once you’ve taken it, I’d love to hear from you – were you surprised by your result? What’s one thing you can do to start making progress on your core vital need?