What I’m taking away from 2020

by | Dec 30, 2020 | Current Events, Entrepreneurship | 0 comments

It’s the week after Christmas, which is always a bittersweet time. I like it because it’s relaxing, and there isn’t any pressure, and I’m really excited for 2020 to be over. It’s a fresh feeling – getting to turn over a new leaf.

I’m also reflecting on how I’ve grown and how my business has matured.

This year, it’s a little rough to look back at my goals for the year.

A lot of the things I was looking forward to for 2020 just didn’t happen.

  • We grew our revenue a little bit from last year, but fell far short of our revenue goal.
  • I hired someone I was really excited about in January, and less than a month later, she quit the day I was planning to fire her (I was later relieved to have only one person on the payroll).
  • I was really hoping my affiliation with Fix This Next would bring a lot of momentum and new customers my way, and it didn’t.
  • My marketing engine wasn’t strong enough to help people find us during the lockdowns.

For many online businesses, this was their strongest year ever from a revenue standpoint, but it just wasn’t that way for us.

I felt like I was scrambling up a mountain covered in shale – I would make some gains and then fall back down, climb back up, and then slide back down again.

And yet…I have so much to be grateful for this year in my business.

  • We received a PPP loan that allowed me to pay Jen consistently during the downturn.
  • I’ve become more resilient and am learning to become more open and real in my business.
  • I wrote a book, and my pre-sale campaign became a tsunami of generosity and support from my community. It was a powerful encouragement to me.

I have a stronger mindset and better muscles for marketing. Our offer is better and clearer, our culture is stronger, and I feel so much hope and momentum for 2021.

And, most importantly, I have my feet planted firmly on the foundation of what I need this business to do for us.

I grew up wanting to be a stay-at-home mom, and next year, that door could open for our family. But there’s no part of me that wants to stop growing with A Squared, and that begs the question – why keep doing this? If I could get paid more in a traditional job or quit altogether, why climb this particular mountain?

Here’s why, and I hope this resonates with you too:

  • I have so much autonomy over what I do and how I do it
  • I have the freedom to integrate the various vocations of my life and have the amount of time with my daughter that I want to have
  • I love the intellectual challenge of building a business and continue to learn so much more than I could have ever imagined
  • This journey has been powerful for strengthening my mindset and my character
  • I get to build relationships with incredible people I wouldn’t otherwise have had the chance to meet
  • I am good at what I do, and my work helps my clients experience more sanity, support, and calm in their own lives
  • I have the immense privilege of watching something I built with my own two hands create a job for another person, and having the chance to build a business culture on the foundation of my values is so meaningful
  • We get to put thousands of dollars into the pockets of amazing entrepreneurs whose products and services I have purchased
  • I’m excited for my daughter to see a wide range of amazing ways for women to show up in the world, with entrepreneurship being a real and valid option
  • Building a business builds my confidence and opens doors for our family
  • It’s so exciting to think about the endless opportunities for how my business can grow in the future
  • Every dollar I earn this way feels more meaningful somehow
  • I believe that the work we do will positively transform our industry and strengthen the support systems available for lifestyle-driven online entrepreneurs
  • Having a business adds stability to our family and gives us another source of income
  • My business becomes a great platform for me to deepen and express my creative energy; thinking of myself as a creator is still a new and pretty great idea
  • Business expenses are tax deductible 🙂

We’ve all suffered to various degrees this year; there’s no doubt about that. But I’m grateful to have seen more clearly the things that matter, and the things that last. I’m not going anywhere.

Here’s to a 2021 we all can embrace.