We hear you

by | Jan 13, 2021 | Announcement | 0 comments

All year, we’ve had a secret program…by accident.

We didn’t mean to keep it under wraps…people just kept asking us to help them, and we said yes.

Emails would come in from people who were ready to hire a virtual assistant, and they didn’t want to do it themselves. It was overwhelming to try to figure out where to look, and how to pick a strong candidate, and what to give that person to do.

I’ve been a virtual assistant (even though I never called myself one), I’ve hired virtual assistants for my own team, and I’ve hired virtual assistants for my clients. I’ve heard dozens of horror stories from things going wrong, too. So it was great to have the chance to help things go right instead.

But when it came to marketing, I was focusing all of my content and attention on the work we’ve done to help entrepreneurs build the systems they need to grow their businesses while working less.

Then it clicked: I could layer amazing systems and world-class delegation together into one program.

There are two sides to the VA + client equation, and the magic happens when both sides are strong.

So, with both elements under one roof, we can help you find a rock star assistant…AND know exactly what to give them to do.

We can help your VA support you better…AND we can help you delegate with confidence.

I’m especially excited about this program because it will allow me to help you at a more affordable price than our one-on-one services.

AND we have a way for you to check it out in a no-pressure space. I’d rather show you how we work than tell you about it.

We have a client call scheduled for Tuesday, January 26th at 10:00 am MT / 12:00 pm ET, and I’d love for you to join us – I’ll share exactly how I plan my weeks and days so I can knock out my to-do list consistently. If you want to join us, click the button on our home page and we’ll add you to the calendar invitation.

Thank you for being here – we’re here to share what we know in the most useful way we can, and we’re looking forward to serving you at a deeper level in 2021.