Her great idea is becoming reality

by | Feb 10, 2021 | Client Experience, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

Angie Colee has been a client here at A Squared for almost three years. When we first started working together, Angie was a dedicated copywriter with the inklings of a vision. She was a talented writer, but as opportunities started to show up for her to coach and support other freelancers, she discovered that she also had a knack for what people liked to call “loving ass-kicking.”

Angie is one of my favorite humans. She’s genuine, authentic, and tough. She makes everyone around her feel seen and empowered. And she’s passionate about giving freelancers both encouragement and a kick in the pants to walk forward into their biggest dreams.

Angie works with us to have the accountability and support she needs to make space for her own vision as she does incredible work for her clients. She’s shown up week after week to make that happen – to explore strategies, build structure into her business, and get things done. It’s been an honor to work with her.

Angie just published a trailer for her new podcast, Permission to Kick Ass, as she builds her coaching business with the same name. As I listened, I got chills (and frankly almost started crying). My voice is in there, as are the voices of several other entrepreneurs I care deeply about and respect. But the voice that left me speechless was Angie’s.

This trailer is the culmination of Angie’s character, her story, her struggles, her triumphs, and her best ideas. It captures perfectly her “loving ass-kicking” gifts and her vision for her work. It is 100% ‘her,’ and because of that, it is powerful and beautiful.

You can check it out right here.

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