None of it is in vain

by | Feb 3, 2021 | Blog, Current Events, Planning | 0 comments

I went completely off script during a group training call today. I had my outline all set up to talk about setting up an amazing customer experience process, but something happened right before I launched into my spiel.

I asked the group what outcome they needed to see most in their businesses, and almost every single person said a variation of the same thing: “I need to feel better about my planning and tracking all the things I want to do.”

So, with the permission of my generous host, we talked about that instead. I get fired up about this stuff and can apparently riff on it for 30 minutes at a moment’s notice. Our conversation was energetic and directly relevant to what everyone was really wrestling with…and I loved every minute of it.

After the session, I had to pause for a second to think about what just happened. Did I really do that?

But then I realized: my ability to toss my notes and just teach about a topic I care about didn’t come out of nowhere. I got to draw on all sorts of sources from my past, and as it turns out, many of them were classified as “misses” in my mind. They included:

  • That time in graduate school when I was so overwhelmed with everything that I completely spaced a meeting with my boss. Twice.
  • My first-ever lead magnet, which I didn’t promote enough and haven’t used in years.
  • All the material I put together for a project management program I decided not to pursue.
  • The number of different time management systems and planners I bought before I found one that really worked for me.

That’s such a gift, isn’t it? That many of the things we throw in the dust bin can find new life in ways we may never expect?

When we think like scientists, we can remember that a “failure” is not a failure at all…every outcome gives us something we can use. We win, or we learn – and both things are a success.

P.S. I am so excited about the early results of our group program, Action Amplified. If you’re curious about what we’re up to, you can sit in on one of our client training calls as my guest! Details right here.