I’m a chronically late systems expert

by | Mar 11, 2021 | Entrepreneurship, Planning, Systems, Uncategorized | 0 comments

I design processes and systems for a living. I organize businesses for a living.

I am also chronically late.

My whole family growing up was notorious for showing up a few minutes late to everything.

I have a very punctual husband, and after years of active effort, I’m much better than I used to be.

Meanwhile, I have a weak short-term memory and regularly forget everything I don’t write down.

And, in one of my earliest jobs, I struggled to follow a detailed process consistently.

How does any of this make sense? How could I know the power of systems inside and out but still have to fight to show up to events on time?

I think there’s a misconception in the world, and it sounds like this:

“People who are good at systems are naturally organized.”

What if that isn’t true at all?

I do love organization. But many of the most effective systems in my life exist precisely because they DON’T come naturally to me.

That detailed process I couldn’t follow in an early job? I created a checklist to help me remember all the steps, and I haven’t stopped creating checklists ever since.

My forgetfulness led to a really strong system of writing everything down…and now I almost never drop the ball.

And ever since I realized that it takes an hour and a half to get ready for the day now that I have a toddler, I’ve drastically improved my ability to be punctual.

Systems aren’t just for the organized. They’re a tool we all can use to live a focused life in a chaotic world.

Are you a procrastinator? Systems can help you move things forward. Are you full of new ideas all the time? Systems can help you focus.

If there’s anything in your life that you want to change, take a look at your system. You don’t have to become a different kind of person to get where you want to go.

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