We’re Hiring: Social Selling Ninja

by | Mar 30, 2021 | Announcement, Updates | 0 comments

If people have told you that you’re persuasive and motivational, keep reading! We’re looking for a Social Selling Ninja with the gift of woo to build relationships with our ideal clients and invite them to check out our program. We’re on a mission to help creative entrepreneurs take back their freedom through the power of systems and delegation. We believe in what we do and how we can serve our clients, and we need help getting the word out to as many people as we can. 

Where we’re going (with your help)

A few months ago, we launched our first ever group program: Action Amplified. Our program is helping entrepreneurs grow and adapt their businesses without working more hours. Our new program will allow us to effectively serve between 30 and 40 customers with our current delivery team (with room to grow as our team grows). We’re hoping to grow by 5 new clients each month. 

Our ideal clients – online service providers like copywriters, coaches, and marketing agencies – hang out and market their own businesses mainly through social media. Our sales strategy is to engage with our ideal clients through social media, support their content, build genuine relationships with them, and invite them to sit in on one of our group client calls. We don’t believe in high-pressure tactics, and our audience is being bombarded with the newest ‘strategy’ all day every day, so we want to serve them well from the very beginning. 

For our marketing funnel to work properly, we need to invite 50 people each week to join our calls. Our current team doesn’t have the capacity to achieve these kinds of numbers, so that’s where you come in! If you love the idea of spending a couple of hours each day building relationships and welcoming people into our orbit, this might be just the role for you. 


In this role, you will:

  • Find and follow ideal clients on Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook
  • Provide thoughtful comments on their content 
  • Send them a voice message with a genuine, personalized compliment or question
  • Engage with them to understand how their business is going 
  • Invite them to sit in on a group client call as your guest (your baseline will be at least 50 invitations per week)
  • Attend group client calls every other Tuesday at 10:00 MT to greet and introduce your guests (goal of at least 10 guests per call)
  • Track your connections in our CRM and follow up with them / nurture your relationships over time
  • Track your metrics and connections using our software

Must-Have Skills

To excel in this job, you need to be:

  • A relational extrovert with the gift of woo. As an introvert, I usually hate when job descriptions mention this, but to love this role, it will help a lot if you gain energy by interacting with a variety of strangers
  • Very comfortable with using Instagram and other platforms in a business context
  • Experienced in marketing or sales (through a role you’ve held for at least one year in the past)
  • Fluent in English and a strong communicator
  • Patient and persistent – you’ll be following a system on a daily basis 
  • Able to focus and take consistent action while on social media. To get to 50 invitations a week, you’ll need to work efficiently and avoid bunny trails
  • A professional adult who is rock-solid reliable. You won’t ghost on us or the people you’re connecting with, and you’ll reach out proactively to share ideas, ask questions, or provide updates. This is a virtual role, and we won’t babysit you or remind you to keep your commitments
  • Genuinely interested in helping entrepreneurs succeed and find freedom
  • Passionate about what we do and how we serve our clients – we don’t expect you to walk in on day one feeling this way, but we’ll share what we can so you can dive in and embrace the vision

The Logistics

  • This is a part-time, fully virtual position. The role should take about five hours per week to start, with the opportunity to grow. If you thrive in this role, there would be plenty of opportunity to expand the role to include multiple aspects of marketing and sales. 
  • Your hours will be flexible, but you will need to join our group training calls every other Tuesday at 10:00 am MT. 
  • You will receive a steady base of compensation plus bonuses based on success. This is not a commission-only position. 

How to Apply

  • Please submit your application at this link. 
  • The hiring process will include a video interview, test project, and reference checks, so be prepared for that if you move into the final rounds of the process.