What if I hire someone and they screw up?

by | Apr 21, 2021 | Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Systems | 0 comments

In training calls for our group program, we’ve been talking a lot lately about building a team. We’ve gone through the nuts and bolts of preparing for a VA, budgeting for a new team member, and setting them up for success. But there’s one thing that we haven’t talked about in depth, and it’s one of those huge glaring questions that made me hesitant to hire someone for a long time: what if I hire someone, and they make a major mistake?

I’m not an expert on leadership – it’s something I’m still learning. But I wanted to share a few sound bites with you that have been really helpful for me as I continue to think about this question.

  • Mistakes are inevitable, even if you never hire a soul. You make mistakes too.
  • Your clients will be less concerned about mistakes than about how you handle them.
  • You’re letting small ‘bad things’ happen for the sake of a much bigger good thing – a powerful, empowered team that gets you out of the weeds.
  • The leadership skills you learn through team building will serve you well in many areas of your life.
  • Leadership is an essential part of bringing your vision to life, and that will always involve messiness, humanity, and iteration.

Building a team has been some of the most meaningful work I’ve ever done. If you’re considering bringing on a new team member, but the whole process feels overwhelming, the one promise I can make to you is that it’s worth it.

I hope these ideas are as helpful for you as they have been for me.

P.S. I dig deeper into this question in Chapter 15 of Eureka Results, which comes out next week. Get ready!