Entrepreneurial Freedom Isn’t Inevitable

by | Aug 18, 2021 | Blog, Leadership, Systems

Like many of you, I started my business because I wanted more freedom.

I wanted to take time off on my own terms and flex my schedule around raising small children without a constant sense of tension.

To be honest, I thought this new amazing lifestyle would just happen to me.

It was the main reason I started my business, and no one else was imposing a workload or schedule on me, so that should be good enough!

Reality hit me like a sack of bricks when the direct opposite happened.

Entrepreneurship took the ceiling off my earnings, which sounded really cool…but it also took out the floor.

There’s no such thing as minimum wage for a business owner. I realized I could actually lose money doing this. It was scary. I found it hard to walk away from my business.

Meanwhile, every expert I asked had a long list of suggestions for things I needed to do to build a strong company.

According to my brain, all of these things needed to happen NOW.

I ended up working more than I did at my last job.

When I got pregnant, I knew I needed to change things.

I built systems to protect my time, give myself a chance to win, and human-size my expectations…all the things we talk about at A Squared all the time.

I started to take back the freedom I wanted all along.

And I’m still growing. I’m planning to cut my work hours in half next year and take off every school vacation and holiday with my daughter. It’s going to be a huge, and tricky, step for me.

It all brought me to the realization that I wanted to share with you today:

Freedom is POSSIBLE as an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to achieve it

But it’s not INEVITABLE

Most entrepreneurs are actually less free than employees. We weren’t taught how to create our own time freedom. As our businesses grow, they can take over our lives.

But they don’t have to.

And you don’t have to wait for some mystical future milestone to experience freedom as a business owner. I promise you – a bigger business can just as easily inundate your life as the business you have today.

You can start taking back your freedom right now…in the business you have today.

Tell me – what’s one thing you can do to demand freedom in your business? Could you shut down everything for the weekend? Start taking off a day every week? Set aside a day each week that’s completely call-free?

I’d love to hear what comes to mind for you!

p.s. I talked more about these things on an episode of the Built to Scale Podcast. You can check it out right here.