20 things I love about entrepreneurship

by | Nov 25, 2021 | Uncategorized

This week, I’m thinking a lot about gratitude.

Not exactly a revolutionary thought on Thanksgiving week, I know.

But unique or not, it’s really fun to list out the things I love most about being an entrepreneur.

Here are 20 of the top reasons entrepreneurship has filled me with gratitude in 2021:

  • I never have to ask permission from a boss to go to the doctor, or take a day off, or decide not to do a project that no longer makes sense. 
  • No-call Wednesdays! AKA I have a day each week that’s simply dedicated to creative work.
  • I got to meet so many amazing people this year, many of whom I would have never met if I didn’t have A Squared.
  • My business is set up to keep rolling for two entire months without me.
  • I saved enough to pay off my student loans.
  • Renovating my office has fulfilled a long-held (and yes, super nerdy) dream of mine to have this kind of space.
  • My daughter and I have a great morning and lunch-time routine together.
  • A Squared has been able to send tens of thousands of dollars into the economy through jobs and investments in great products and coaching.
  • Our team is dedicated and so talented.
  • After many years of iteration and learning, we have a solid business model and messaging we’re proud of.
  • So many people supported me, cheered me on, and celebrated with me as my first book – Eureka Results – was published.
  • I’ve become much better at public speaking, at least in a virtual context.
  • This year, it finally sunk in that I am a creative person. My creativity has a very specific expression that I never put in that category (since when is a checklist a creative work?), but I’m so grateful that entrepreneurship has helped me to embrace and deepen my natural strengths instead of being as laser focused on my weaknesses.
  • I ran my first iteration of an 8-week workshop to help seven different entrepreneurs tackle a major project in their businesses. For many of them, these projects had been a pain point for a long time. Every single one of them achieved the goals they had at the beginning of the workshop, which was so encouraging to me.
  • I’ve been able to adapt my schedule to several different life phases (no kids, one child, and now a toddler and a soon-to-arrive infant).
  • I’m a better leader than I was when I started this year.
  • I avoided several mistakes I made last year (including looking for someone to magically fix our marketing for us – we are now much steadier about this).
  • Entrepreneurship gives me a powerful intellectual outlet and challenges me to think more deeply.
  • I believe that entrepreneurship is a powerful tool in general, but especially for women with children (where the wage gap is most profound in the corporate world). It’s a privilege to be part of a growing movement of people pursuing this path.
  • When my daughter got sick this week and was home from school for 5 days, I was able to adjust my schedule to be with her without feeling overwhelmed about work and without any external pressures.

To be honest, my natural bent is to list out the ways I fell short of my goals or failed this year. This list is a reframe for me – a way to focus on the good.

Here’s my challenge to you – make your own list! And if you do, I’d love to see it.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!