You’re Stressed Out – Congratulations!

by | Jan 26, 2022 | Entrepreneurship

So, we Americans are addicted to “busy.”

We know this.

And we know it’s a problem. Our worth isn’t tied to our accomplishments, but it’s so easy to forget when we’re reminded constantly that we’re always at risk of “falling behind.”

I have no interest in encouraging more of that stress.

But I work with a lot of clients who show up to our first call overwhelmed and stressed out. And something I want them to feel when that happens is a sense of pride in everything they’ve built so far.

They’re overwhelmed because they built an offer everyone wants to buy.

They’re stressed out because they have created a business from nothing that is now asking for a lot from them.

A full life often includes really challenging or difficult things – processing grief, recovering from failure, or dealing with the consequences of saying yes too much.

But it also often points to a million beautiful things – a growing business, family, friends, a healthy body to nourish, or a loving dog asking for his daily walk.

We have all been blessed with so much freedom, and that means we get to fill our lives with all sorts of things.

Let’s cut out what doesn’t matter so we have room for what does.