Has a Checklist Saved Your Life Lately?

by | Feb 9, 2022 | Entrepreneurship, Planning

I build checklists a lot – for my life, for my business, and for my clients. I think they’re a ton of fun, but a lot of people hate them, and for good reason.

They take time, and we’re all short on that. And they can feel kind of unnecessary when you have so many fires to put out.

But if you step back for a second, you’ll find that you might just owe your life to a checklist.

After an entirely-preventable crash in 1935, Boeing invented a simple thing called a pre-flight checklist. It’s used across the board today and is one of the main reasons commercial airline crashes are incredibly rare. We fly safely because of a checklist.

Meanwhile, in your local hospital, checklists are used for a wide range of medical procedures. If you’ve ever had surgery, it’s quite possible that one line on a checklist jogged the memory of your surgeon and spared you an infection or worse.

First, let’s take a moment to be thankful that lives don’t depend on our business processes. Procrastinating on your systems probably won’t drop planes from the sky.

But, it wouldn’t hurt to think about how the success and growth of your business might just depend on things like consistency, and good design, and reliability.

That seemingly simple checklist might just make you thousands of dollars.