In Praise of the Lifestyle Business

by | Feb 2, 2022 | Entrepreneurship

In 2018, I graduated with an MBA from Georgetown University.

I didn’t expect to pursue entrepreneurship when I started the program – project management, yes. Building a business, no.

Over time, things changed and I began to soak up everything I could of the school’s entrepreneurship program. I learned about the Business Model Canvas and consumer research and venture capital. I read cases about successful startups and heard from Georgetown’s biggest success stories, like Sweetgreen and Halo Top.

The successes were almost always measured by scale and reach. We didn’t talk about lifestyle businesses – companies designed and constructed around a person’s aspirations for his or her life.

The Airbnbs and Dollar Shave Clubs of the world are impressive and deserve all the attention they get. But how do lifestyle entrepreneurs fit in? How do we address the unique challenges of designing and building a thriving business when our priority isn’t to scale?

Let’s add some of the flavor of the lifestyle business into the conversation. There are many types of healthy businesses, and they all have unique challenges and rewards that deserve to be seen.

A business that thrives for its customers, its industry, and its owner while remaining small is a work of art in its own right. I love working with clients who are building businesses just like that, and I’m excited to keep cultivating a company of my own that fits into the unique fabric of my family and the pace of life I’m hoping for.

If you’re the architect of a company like this, here’s to you.