Do you know you should probably hire a Virtual Assistant for your business,

but you’re not sure how to make it happen?


Any of these questions sound familiar?


❓ What tasks could I delegate to a virtual assistant? 
❓ Am I ready to hire someone?
❓ How much would it cost?
❓ Where do I find a reliable VA?
❓ How can I find someone I trust?



If you’re ready to expand your capacity with the help of a Virtual Assistant,

we can walk you through the entire process.

Our program includes–


– Pinpointing what you can delegate
– Setting up a system for project management

– Identifying which systems you need



– Writing and posting your job description

– Screening candidates so you only have to interview a few finalists


Onboarding & Training

 – Setting expectations for both parties

 – Providing templates for your offer letter and working agreement

 – Facilitating seamless onboarding

 – Overseeing your new assistant until everything is running like clockwork


Through this program, our clients have hired Virtual Assistants who are
making a positive impact on their business. They are able to
delegate tasks, know that they have support, and free up their time
to work ON their business instead of IN their business.


Here’s what they’ve had to say:

Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash 

“I’m SUPER happy with the process and result.”


“My new VA has been fantastic.  I’m excited about working with her.  Everything is gravy so far.”


“It’s a nice feeling to put something in Asana and know it is going to be taken care of.  Loving it.”