Thursday, September 24 at 9am PT / 12pm ET

How to Save Time and Increase Revenue by Working with a Virtual Assistant

Are you a business owner who

  • Is working more hours than you’d like?
  • Has reached maximum capacity?
  • Is frequently buried in admin tasks, with little time for building your business?

It could be time to hire a Virtual Assistant!


In this free webinar, Ashlee Berghoff and Gabriela Bell will
share insights on the benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant.

They’ll discuss:

*How to know if you’re ready to hire a VA
*What tasks you can delegate
*How to prepare for a great working relationship
*What to expect to pay for a VA
*Tips for delegating & utilizing a VA

Ashlee Berghoff has extensive knowledge of the VA industry. As Founder and CEO of A Squared, she has not only provided VA services to her clients, but also prepared them to create successful working relationships with VAs. The A Squared team has helped connect many business owners with rock-star VAs, and the results have been impressive.
Gabriela Bell runs Organized Q – a Virtual Executive Assistant Agency that utilizes military family members & veterans. She provides high-level services to business owners, allowing them to delegate many of their repetitive admin tasks and freeing them up to focus on growth. Her team has a broad range of talents and experience to offer to any business owner.

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