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Take back your freedom.


Hire a great operations pro AND master the systems that will take you to the next level…all while you’re working less

Get out
of the weeds
Build a
World-class team
Your impact

Remember why you started this business?

Entrepreneurship is supposed to give you more freedom than a 9-to-5, but let me ask you: 

Are you feeling free right now?

There comes a point in every entrepreneur’s experience when they hit a growth ceiling. They’ve maxed out their productive hours. And “growth” just looks like more work.  

“Get leverage,” they say. “Build a team.” 

But who has the time? Or that much money to throw around?

When you’re drowning in client work, you don’t have time to breathe, much less hire someone or optimize the team you have. 

And when you’re scrambling to find new clients, you can hardly think of spending money to hire someone else.

Fortunately, this dilemma is exactly why we’re here…

Take back your freedom in two steps:

First, we’ll make sure you have a team who can actually lift the weight off your shoulders.

Then, we’ll design the systems you need to experience true entrepreneurial freedom: confident workdays, unplugged vacations, and protected time for your most creative work.

You CAN master the art of building a business that grows beyond you, starting right now…

How we can help:

What got you this far won’t get you where you want to go

But we have the tools to get you there

Our Founder: Ashlee Berghoff

Ashlee Berghoff is an MBA and systems strategist with the mind of an architect and the heart of an entrepreneur. She started A Squared Online in 2017 on a quest for freedom and autonomy.

Entrepreneurship is one of the most powerful tools we can use to take back our time and express our deepest strengths, but Ashlee quickly discovered that true time freedom was far from automatic. As a matter of fact, most entrepreneurs are LESS free than they were as employees.

So, what’s the solution? Ashlee discovered that without systems, entrepreneurial freedom is impossible.

Ever since, she’s been on a mission to equip entrepreneurs to permanently take back their freedom using the power of systems and delegation. 

Ashlee is the author of Eureka Results: How Entrepreneurs Can Turn Their Best Ideas into Reality, which is an essential field guide for anyone who struggles with overwhelm and shiny object syndrome.

You don’t have to become a productivity nerd to bring your best ideas to life, but you’ll get there faster when you have someone like Ashlee in your corner. 


“I don’t have to think about a damn thing except my actual job…My admin load will be a fraction of what it was because I have benefited from the genius of Ashlee Berghoff who is some kind of Moses, parting the sea to create a clear path through my admin/system/to-dos I was drowning in…. I cannot believe how streamlined my system is now any more than I can believe I just made a biblical reference.”

– Caroline Mays, Writer, Switchblade Lemonade

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