Step Off the Hamster Wheel

with a business that runs like clockwork

Take clear,
focused action
Create time-saving
Delegate with

You don’t have to drown in your own business

Now is a good time to stop feeling overwhelmed and out of control

Become more productive and organized; get out of the weeds with systems tailor-made for you (and by “systems,” we mean something so much deeper than checklists or software).

Get private consulting to build the processes and systems of a thriving business
Receive customized tools and frameworks exactly when you need them
Gain access to vetted professionals to move your projects across the finish line
“What I really wanted was someone to come in and organize ME. I didn’t want to manage someone… I wanted someone to come in, look at my situation, and help replace some of the chaos with systems that worked FOR me. That’s exactly what Ashlee and her team at A Squared did for me.”

– Chris Orzechowski, CEO of Orzy Media

Who are we?

  • We are on a mission to get entrepreneurs like you off the hamster wheel and into a business that gives you real freedom – financial freedom, time freedom, and mental freedom
  • We love making order out of chaos and helping our clients feel relief, stability, and clarity
  • We’ve pooled all of our experience – from MBA courses, massive consulting firms, and project management roles to working behind the scenes with dozens of creative entrepreneurs – to bring the best tools for productivity and our operations strategy knowledge to your unique story
  • We get in the trenches with our clients to create the right processes, systems, automations, project plans, frameworks, and accountability – whatever it takes to help you live the life you imagine in your business
  • We love creators, chaos makers, procrastinators, and people who know they need help but don’t know what to do next

Work With Us

Step One:

Tell us everything – the things that drive you nuts, the projects you’ve been meaning to get to for two years, your bad experience trying to hire a team, the amount of time you don’t have

Step Two:

Work with us to build the structures you, and your business, need to grow – we’ll take them one at a time, starting with your biggest pain points

Step Three:

Lead your business with calm control and clear action

Step One:

Tell us everything – the things that drive you nuts, the projects you’ve been meaning to get to for two years, your bad experience trying to hire a team, the amount of time you don’t have

Step Two:

Work with us to build the structures you, and your business, need to grow – we’ll take them one at a time, starting with your biggest pain points

Step Three:

Lead your business with calm control and clear action

Our program is tailor-made on purpose…and if you’ve ever taken a cookie-cutter course that didn’t help you much, you’ll understand why. We have plenty of tools in our toolbelt, but your journey will fit what you need.

“A Squared was life changing for our business. Finding ourselves in the common entrepreneurial lurch of being pulled in too many directions at once, A Squared came in clutch with an incredibly detailed mind map describing our own process to us, which we were then able to utilize in creating project management templates for delivering our services to our clients. Now we get a few extra hours of sleep each week and have the confidence that our clients’ needs are being met without anything slipping through the cracks. Highly recommended.”

– Joshua Schwartz, CEO of Pubvendo

What got you this far won’t get you where you want to go

But we have the tools to get you there

Why am I stuck?
If you’re an entrepreneur, and you feel like you can’t possibly grow without working even more hours, you’ve hit what we call the entrepreneurial ceiling.

The one where you’re spending so much time taking care of your clients that your business is starting to feel more than a little neglected.

The one where, when ish hits the fan (like, I don’t know, a global pandemic maybe), and you lose a few clients, you panic and hit marketing hard until you get more clients, and then get too busy to keep it up.

The one where you realize that you don’t actually WANT to spend your days doing the same work anymore, but you don’t know where to go from here.

Here’s the thing – your work so far has given you a lot of experience and a solid reputation, but you may have to change your entire approach to your work, your business, and the market to build a business that isn’t entirely dependent on you.

You need a strong infrastructure – a set of processes and systems that enable your work and allow others to deliver at the same level you do.

You need a productivity and planning system that works for your unique way of being in the world.

And you need a calm and clear-eyed approach to leading yourself and your business into your next phase of growth.

You can be the kind of leader you imagine, no matter how unproductive and unclear you might feel today.

So, is A Squared like a coach? A consultant? A Virtual Assistant?

The closest term to describe us is “consultant.”

Think of it this way – you can come to us with your problems and your goals, and we’ll deploy the right tools to clear out the obstacles and uncertainty that make it difficult to implement your big ideas.

We’re more than a coach because we’ll get into the specifics of your business and create customized resources, project plans, and frameworks to help you get where you’re going.

But we’re not going to do the on-the-ground implementation…you can get that done much less expensively with a virtual assistant or specialist. But the good news? We know and have vetted a variety of these specialists and can connect you directly to the perfect people to get things done.

Here are a few real-life examples to help you envision it for yourself:

  • Say you want to host a new workshop for your business, but every time you start to think about it, you get overwhelmed. We’ll help you map out step-by-step how to get your workshop into the world, and give you a small list of things to focus on each week to stay on track. If you get stuck along the way, we’ll schedule a workshop to help you send that email out to your list and figure out why Kajabi isn’t working properly. In the meantime, we’ll introduce you to three solid copywriters and a graphics designer to help you pick your dream team for your marketing funnel.
  • Or, imagine you’ve found yourself spending a lot of each day trying to figure out what to do, and you’re constantly afraid you’re missing something important. We’ll work with you directly to create and implement a six-week planning cycle and ongoing project management system that works for you. We can pull from a variety of productivity frameworks, but your solution will be customized to you.
  • If you find yourself putting out fires all the time and trying to solve a million problems at once, we’ll use a framework called Fix This Next to pinpoint the one core vital need in your business so you can take focused action and start to see real momentum in a single direction.

We feel like we’ve succeeded when you are permanently free of that “what am I missing?” feeling, when you can sit down every day to a clear list of high-value and achievable goals, and when you feel full agency over the things you can control in your time, your business, and your life.

What does all this cost?

If you don’t have a team of your own and could use support with implementation as we set up your systems…

– $4,500 for three months, or $1,700/month

– In addition to our base package, you’ll receive up to ten hours of support from an experienced Executive Assistant every month to build out your software tools, help you create a simple landing page, move your data into a project management system, or anything else you need to get your new systems up and running.


If you have a team of your own or don’t need implementation support…

– $3,300 for three months, or $1,200/month

– You’ll work directly with our team to streamline every aspect of your business using our Action Amplified (aka A Squared) method. The game plan we follow will be uniquely designed to your personality and business so that you can take clear and focused action, save time, and delegate effectively.


We’ve worked with some clients for just a few months to give them a solid kick start, while others have been partnering with us for two years and counting.

AND we have a no-risk guarantee for your first month. If you try us out and aren’t happy, we’ll give you your money back and use your feedback to make our service better.

Is this for me?

If you:

  • Feel like you need someone to organize YOU,
  • Need accountability and support to take focused, consistent action,
  • Have tried to hire a VA, but it didn’t work out,
  • Want to build operational structure (processes and systems) into your business,
  • Spend a lot of time every day trying to figure out what to do next,
  • Want to work less while making more,
  • Dream of truly unplugged vacations,
  • Or suffer from shiny object syndrome,

Then you might need a strategic partner right there in the trenches with you. That’s where A Squared comes in.

If you have crested six figures in your business and want to keep growing but have hit capacity, building the structures of a bona fide business will help you increase your capacity without working more hours.

If you are a freelancer who wants to build something bigger, we are passionate about transforming freelancers into CEOs. We can’t wait to help you shatter the freelancer ceiling.

We solve the problems that are capping your growth, but we do more than that. We’re your strategic ally, sanity saver, and accountability partner too.

What does success look like?


Imagine: when you log on in the morning, you know exactly what you need to be working on and how it’s going to happen.

You have easy access to all the resources you need, the people who can help you make things happen, and the metrics that tell you how things are going.

You feel calm, confident, sure.

The work ahead of you is meaningful and the best possible use of your time.

You are a CEO.

“I don’t have to think about a damn thing except my actual job…My admin load will be a fraction of what it was because I have benefited from the genius of Ashlee Berghoff who is some kind of Moses, parting the sea to create a clear path through my admin/system/to-dos I was drowning in…. I cannot believe how streamlined my system is now any more than I can believe I just made a biblical reference.”

– Caroline Mays, Writer, Switchblade Lemonade