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Hire a great Virtual Assistant AND master the systems that will take you to the next level…while you’re working less

Get out
of the weeds
Build a
World-class team
Your impact

Remember why you started this business in the first place?

Chances are, you were looking for more freedom than a traditional 9-to-5 could give you.

No conference rooms. No corporate BS. No needing permission to take time off.

But let me ask you: are you feeling free right now?

If you’re an entrepreneur, and you feel like you can’t possibly grow without working even more hours, you’ve hit what we call the entrepreneurial ceiling.

The one where you’re spending so much time taking care of your clients that your business is starting to feel neglected.

The one where, when a few projects wrap up at once, you panic and hit marketing hard until you get more clients, and then get too busy to keep it up.

Everyone says you should hire a virtual assistant. But who has the time?

When you’re drowning in client work, you don’t have time to breathe, much less hire and train someone. And when you’re scrambling to find new clients, you can hardly think of spending money to hire someone else.

The Feast and famine cycle stops now.

Here’s the thing – your work so far has given you a lot of experience and a solid reputation, but the transition from freelancer to CEO is a difficult one.

Building a team can break the feast and famine cycle and help you experience the freedom you imagined when you started this business. To get started, you need just two things:

  1. A rock star assistant who can take the weight off your shoulders
  2. A calm and clear-eyed approach to leading yourself and your virtual assistant into your next phase of growth.

You CAN master the art of building a business that grows beyond you, starting right now…

“What I really wanted was someone to come in and organize ME. I didn’t want to manage someone… I wanted someone to come in, look at my situation, and help replace some of the chaos with systems that worked FOR me. That’s exactly what Ashlee and her team at A Squared did for me.”

– Chris Orzechowski, CEO of Orzy Media


Three Steps to Freedom

There are two sides to the VA + client equation, and the magic happens when both sides are strong. A Squared works both sides:

We can help you find a rock star assistant…AND know exactly what to give them to do. 

We can help your VA support you better…AND we can help you delegate with confidence.

Hi, I’m Ashlee Berghoff

I’m the founder of A Squared and the creator of the Action Amplified Method. 

Ever since I bought my first Lisa Frank trapper keeper in the first grade, I’ve loved organizing.

I may have outgrown gel pens and glue sticks, but that early love affair with school supplies transformed into a passion for serious systems. 

I studied under the best of the best in corporate consulting, international development, and even Georgetown’s elite MBA program. 

So when I set out to start a business of my own, I thought I’d harness all that organizational power into making entrepreneurs’ lives better.

You see, there was a deep need in the entrepreneurial world… Although entrepreneurs had big ideas, they rarely had the systems in place to bring those ideas to life. 

I KNEW I could help with that!

I rolled up my sleeves and started building the systems my clients needed to grow. I expanded my team, too, to serve them better.

But then something interesting started to happen…

Emails poured in with the same question over and over again:

“I know I need a virtual assistant, but where do I begin?”

They didn’t know where to look, what they were looking for exactly, or even what tasks to delegate. They wanted my team’s help. 

But when it came to marketing, we were focusing all of our attention on systems. 

Then it clicked: 

We could layer amazing systems and world-class delegation together into one program.

We believe that systems are powerful enough to change your life, and that without them, finding freedom as an entrepreneur is impossible.

But we also believe that learning how to delegate effectively will be one of the most incredible skills you will ever learn. If your business is chaotic, adding more people will simply add more chaos… but if you leverage your systems AND your team together, your life as a business owner will change forever.

“A Squared was life changing for our business. Finding ourselves in the common entrepreneurial lurch of being pulled in too many directions at once, A Squared came in clutch with an incredibly detailed mind map describing our own process to us, which we were then able to utilize in creating project management templates for delivering our services to our clients. Now we get a few extra hours of sleep each week and have the confidence that our clients’ needs are being met without anything slipping through the cracks. Highly recommended.”

– Joshua Schwartz, CEO of Pubvendo

What got you this far won’t get you where you want to go

But we have the tools to get you there

How can I work with A Squared?

If you are growing quickly, are building an agency, or need someone in the trenches with you to renovate your business from the inside out, email me at to request a custom quote. 

If you don’t need that level of intensive support, our Action Amplified group consulting program is perfect for you. 

Action Amplified has six main elements:


Individual planning in two month cycles

  • Every eight weeks, we’ll meet with you for 60 minutes to look over all of your projects, pinpoint where you will focus for the next two months, and break down those projects into doable chunks.

Group coaching calls

  • Every other Tuesday, our team will host a group training call to share a helpful system or framework with the group. 

Right-on time trainings

  • We will send you training videos and resources related to your specific focus. If you’re working on your customer experience, we’ll send you training about that. If you just hired a VA, we’ll send you resources for that. 

Weekly office hours

  • Every Tuesday, we’ll be online for an hour to answer any questions you have or even help you work on your project live.

Virtual assistant sourcing and training

  • When you’re ready, we’ll introduce you to a small group of pre-screened candidates or agencies and support you in selecting your VA.

Ongoing support for both you and your VA

  • We’ll walk your VA through personalized training and continue to support both of you to deepen your impact and accelerate your growth.


Our program prioritizes a personalized touch on purpose…and if you’ve ever taken a cookie-cutter course that didn’t help you much, you’ll understand why. We have plenty of tools in our toolbelt, but your journey will fit what you need.
What does all this cost?

One-on-one process design and operational consulting work with A Squared starts at $2,000 per month.

We designed Action Amplified – our group program – be affordable for solo entrepreneurs navigating the transition from individual business owner to CEO. We start with a minimum of six months so we have enough space to get great results together. A six-month package is an investment of $3,000 if paid in full, or $599 per month. After your initial six months, you can keep going as long as you wish! 

Our program includes:


  • Live group coaching sessions twice a month ($1,000 value)
  • 60-minute one-on-one calls every other month to plan out your major projects and clear out the noise ($1,750 value)
  • VA sourcing and training ($2,000 value)
  • Regular training videos and office hours ($2,000 value)
  • Ongoing support for your VA ($2,000 value)
  • Frameworks, tools, and workbooks to help you build the infrastructure your business needs to thrive ($500 value)
  • Community with a small group of entrepreneurs on the same journey (space is limited to ensure a high level of one-on-one access and the chance to build relationships with one another)
Is Action amplified for me?
Action Amplified is a perfect fit if you:


  • Started your business for the freedom and lifestyle but find yourself working more than ever,
  • Struggle to unplug from your business,
  • Want to keep growing but don’t have the space for any more clients,
  • Feel like you need someone to organize YOU,
  • Need accountability and support to take focused, consistent action,
  • Have tried to hire a VA, but it didn’t work out,
  • Know you need processes and systems but dread having to deal with them,
  • Have no idea what you would give a VA to do even if one magically appeared today,
  • Spend a lot of time every day trying to figure out what to do next,
  • Want to work less while making more,
  • Dream of truly unplugged vacations,
  • Or suffer from shiny object syndrome.
We solve the problems that are capping your growth, but we do more than that. We’re your strategic ally, sanity saver, and accountability partner too.

What does success look like?


Imagine: After a delicious breakfast one Monday morning, you stroll over to your desk and sit down. Right next to your keyboard is a small to-do list. You chuckle a little – you know exactly how to make everything happen, and you’re going to be done early today. It still feels kind of new, this ‘not being stressed’ thing. You try to remember the last time you had a work emergency…was it really three months ago?

You pop open your inbox and notice an important client request, and then you notice something else… your VA has already handled it perfectly. 

You have easy access to all the resources you need, the people who can help you make things happen, and the metrics that tell you how things are going.

You feel calm, confident, sure.

The work ahead of you is meaningful and the best possible use of your time.

You are a confident leader with a world-class team.

“I don’t have to think about a damn thing except my actual job…My admin load will be a fraction of what it was because I have benefited from the genius of Ashlee Berghoff who is some kind of Moses, parting the sea to create a clear path through my admin/system/to-dos I was drowning in…. I cannot believe how streamlined my system is now any more than I can believe I just made a biblical reference.”

– Caroline Mays, Writer, Switchblade Lemonade

Free Training: Knock Out Your

To-Do List Every Day

You’ll learn how to:

    • Wake up every morning to a meaningful and achievable list of projects for the day.
    • Plan for the future while still leaving room for creativity and new ideas.
    • End each day with a sense of accomplishment and momentum.