Fix This Next Assessment

The Business Priority Pyramid

What’s the ONE thing you should focus on to move the needle in your business?

Find out right now:

Fix This Next is a simple tool you can use to cut through the noise and pinpoint the ONE core vital need in your business – the ONE THING that deserves your best work.

Through our Fix This Next assessment, you will:

1. Understand your business’ strengths and weaknesses throughout the Business Priority Pyramid

2. Uncover your ONE core vital need (out of 30 possible focus areas)

3. Walk away with a step-by-step plan for fixing your core vital need

4. Receive personalized guidance from process expert and Fix This Next Advisor Ashlee Berghoff

What is Fix This Next?


Do you know what your business’ #1 need is right now?

Do you feel like you’re being pulled in a million different directions at once?

If you want more focus in your business, Fix This Next is the tool for you.

Imagine you’re in the middle of a meeting with a prospect you REALLY want to work with. In that moment, your phone is on silent, and you’re focused on closing the deal…until you start choking on a piece of your bagel.

Suddenly, the ONLY thing that matters is oxygen. Your body will not let you move forward with anything else until your #1 need is met.

As humans, we know we have a hierarchy of needs in our lives. We continually circle back to our foundations (oxygen, water, food, sleep) to shore them up and then move up to higher-order needs like belonging or self-actualization. If we ignore our foundational needs, the whole thing will start to collapse.

Businesses are the same way. Even though each business is unique, we all have a set of core needs we need to understand and address in the right order. Fix This Next exists to help you know where to focus your energy to see the biggest (and most sustainable) results.

Fix This Next was created by Mike Michalowicz, a successful entrepreneur and author of a number of best-selling books, including Profit First, Get Different, Pumpkin Plan, and Clockwork. As a Certified Fix This Next Advisor, I’ve been authorized to use this tool to help you.

Side perk? I’ve adapted Mike’s methodology to the unique needs of online service providers. You won’t find this version of the Fix This Next Assessment anywhere else.

In addition to the assessment, you’ll spend one hour on a VIP strategy session with me and walk away with a custom, step-by-step plan for fixing your core vital need. Your investment is only $750. 

Hi, I’m Ashlee Berghoff

My mission is to help maxed out entrepreneurs experience genuine time freedom as they grow their businesses. Since 2017, my team and I have designed custom systems and recruited world-class fractional operations managers for dozens of entrepreneurs. Great systems and team members are two critical pieces of the puzzle…and so is focus.

You will always be inundated with information, advice, and ideas…even great ideas. One of the most important art forms of entrepreneurship is targeting your investment, energy, and attention on what matters most. Fix This Next is built to do that, and I’d love to support you in applying this tool directly to your unique situation.